Affordable and Creative Modular Building Solutions for Schools, Offices, Healthcare and Government

Modular Outpatient Clinics


As the outpatient facility construction continues to become more complex, modular can be the answer to keep up with quickly changing strategic and organizational requirements.

Quality and operational performance

 We know that quality medical care is important to your practice and your community.

Modular construction meets or exceeds the standards of conventional construction.  Our team of medical construction experts combined with your specific design requirements provides us with the unique ability to help you build, expand or renovate quickly and efficiently with temporary and permanent modular solutions.

The flexibility of our modular buildings also allow for patient care to continue without disruption, providing a consistent patient and provider experience through every phase of construction and beyond.


Modular construction can get you into your new facility in up to half the time of conventional construction.  With our accelerated construction approach and interim space capabilities, no one is better positioned to increase your speed to market so you can see new patients and gain that competitive edge.


Our accelerated building process offers clients the ability to increase capacity and optimize efficiency with the added flexibility to relocate or reconfigure the facility to suit future needs.

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If your outpatient facility is looking to build a new building, expand a current building, or is in need of temporary space, our healthcare building team is ready to discuss your project.

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