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Inc. Magazine Unveils Its 37th Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies

For the 1st Time, Innovative Modular Solutions Appears on the Inc. 5000, Ranking No. 3913 With Three-Year Revenue Growth of 90.8 Percent

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August 15th, 2018

Constructing a class: Classrooms take shape as Trinity continues to recover from fire

being attached to the west wing of Trinity High School have a similar feel. But looks can be deceiving. Inside, the eight classrooms feel like they could be in any actual school building.

In some ways, they’re better.

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July 12, 2014
(Project completed by Innovative Modular Solutions)

GSA Approves IMS Modular Imaging Suite 

Innovative Modular Solutions (IMS), headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois has been approved by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to include a modular imaging suite on their current GSA schedule.

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IMS News

October 2013

Five Reasons to Lend to the Mobile and Modular Sector Now

There’s a frequently overlooked and misunderstood industry that’s at the core of some major missed opportunities. Although rarely in the spotlight, the relocatable mobile and modular business is a $3 billion industry that’s proved unusually resilient through the Great Recession years. Got your attention yet?
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ABL Advisor
September 18, 2013

Some don’t like them, but modular classrooms help schools plan for future
Hill Elementary, one of the district’s oldest buildings dating back to the 1880s, has seen multiple additions over the years. With the hope West Aurora can one day demolish the existing building and rebuild a larger school, the district has been buying nearby property, but that plan was too far down the line to solve a pressing problem.
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The Beacon News
June 15, 2013

IMS Welcomes Tom Cassity – Sales/Project Manager
IMS is pleased to announce another addition to the team, Tom Cassity.  Tom is responsible for healthcare sales and project management focusing on imaging and radiology construction.  Prior to joining the IMS team, Tom owned and operated a modular manufacturing facility that manufactured, delivered and installed modular components for the healthcare market. Previous to the manufacturing facility; Tom spent 15 years in engineering and sales management in the commercial modular industry.  To reach Tom, call us at 800-357-4699 or email
IMS News
May 1, 2013

What’s so terrible about ‘portable’ classrooms? [commentary]
As an adult, I definitely understand why it’s desirable to have all students in an actual brick-and-mortar building.  But the kid in me always feels compelled to remind the adult what trailers were actually like.  Read more:
Baltimore Sun
April 22, 2013

IMS Gives Back to the Community
This January, the entire Innovative Modular Solutions team spent the afternoon packing food for the local chapter of Feed My Starving Children.  Together with other volunteers we packed 60 boxes of food, providing over 6,000 meals for the starving.
IMS News
January 2013


School Starts in Tioga’s Portable Classrooms
“We brought them [students] in here [modular classrooms] last Tuesday and you could just feel their excitement. It’s so nice to have walls instead of bleachers with tarps over them.”
Tioga Tribune
September 25, 2012

Changes/expansion at Great Expectations School
“The most evident of the changes at the school is a new modular building being added to the existing school. The building is being leased from Innovative Modular Solutions, a firm that specializes in designing classrooms.”
Cook County News – Daily Herald
August 18, 2012

Wayne County School Students Head Back to Class
“Second grade students who will now attend Walker Elementary will also benefit from brand new classroom space, courtesy of a very modern modular unit added to their immediate school grounds. That facility includes all the amenities and a wonderful environment for learning.”
The Wayne County Outlook
August 1, 2012

Permanent Modular Construction as a Building Solution for Education and Healthcare Facilities
“The need for efficient building solutions in the education market are more necessary than ever as school populations continue to expand and as school districts and campuses are becoming more cost and environmentally conscious, seeking innovative, affordable, and sustainable space solutions for students.”

Public Assistance Funds Helped Get Minot Students Back to School
“Minot students benefitted from impressive teamwork when several groups collaborated to get them back in the classroom for the 2011-12 school year. FEMA, the Minot Public School District, contractor Kraus-Anderson and Innovative Modular Solutions worked together so that the school year started just a few days later than normal.”
June 2012

Flood Affected Schools Finish School Year (Video)
“But now that the year is over, the principal of Longfellow says the classrooms [provided by Innovative Modular Solutions and FEMA] get a passing grade. We asked her to give rank it on a scale of one to ten. ‘I’m going to give it a ten, it really did the job for us this year,’ said Tracey Lawson, Principal at Longfellow.”
Bismarck, North Dakota
May 2012

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