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Modular Hospitals and Clinics


Modular construction meets or exceeds the standards of conventional construction.  Our team of medical construction experts combined with your specific design requirements provides us with the unique ability to help you build, expand or renovate quickly and efficiently with temporary and permanent modular solutions.  Our modular hospital and clinics can also be constructed to match existing structures on any medical campus.

Permanent Modular Hospital and Clinics

Modular hospitals and clinics meet the same design intent and specifications of a traditionally built facility, but in about half the time.  This increases the “speed to market” of your medical facility, saving you time and money.

Permanent modular construction can also be combined with traditionally constructed elements for a hybrid approach.  This offers the best of both modular and traditional construction.

Interim Hospitals and Clinics

86807684 smallTemporary modular medical buildings can be ideal to alleviate facility overcrowding or to provide swing space during facility renovations.  Our interim hospital and clinic buildings also offer added flexibility to reconfigure or relocate to suit future needs.

View a case study for a 12,648 sq ft temporary building installed at a hospital in Ohio

Modular Hospital and Clinic Additions

Modular construction allows for the medical building addition to be constructed off-site, keeping a majority of the construction activity away from the hospital. This means that 60-90% of the construction is completed in a controlled factory environment which minimizes the disruption to existing patients, doctors, and staff as well as the potential impact on infection control.

View a case study for a 3,400 sq ft modular trauma center addition

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