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Medical Center MRI Building
725sqft Permanent Building


Mecosta County Medical Center (MCMC) was utilizing a mobile MRI that attached to a loading bay adjacent to the imaging wing of the medical center. Due to increases in physician utilization and patient volume, Mecosta believed that an upgrade to a fixed, in-house unit was in the best interest of their patients. After the State of Michigan granted the Certificate of Need for the permanent unit, MCMC faced a difficult project, due to site restrictions and budget constraints. The design had to maintain a cohesive architectural aesthetic with the existing campus, the placement had to fit within the available footprint, and the construction had to be carried out in a manner that did not disrupt daily medical operations.

MCMC selected IMS because of their experience and proposed solution, which included a single modular building to house the MRI and a connection to an existing walkway integrating the addition to the existing building. With a three-tone brick exterior, the modular building blends effortlessly into the overall medical center. The addition was placed in the same area occupied by the mobile MRI and therefore allowed MCMC to continue to utilize existing fire exits, utilities and technology infrastructure.

IMS Solution

Modular construction proved to be an effective solution because not only did it minimize operational disruption, it also allowed site work to progress concurrently with the fabrication of the modular unit, thereby reducing the project schedule. The MRI was installed just days after the modular building and the entire project was completed in less than 3 months. Now completed, the new fixed MRI is a tremendous asset to MCMC and the residents of their service area.

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