Affordable and Creative Modular Building Solutions for Schools, Offices, Healthcare and Government


Case Study Specifications Photos

Green Dot Case Study

17, 952 ft2 Permanent Modular Classroom Addition

Winkelman Case Study

9588 Permanent Modular Classroom Addition

Leaps ‘n Bounds Pre-School

6000 sq. ft Permanent Pre-School

Denver Baptist Permanent Classrooms with Restrooms

5376 Sq. Ft Permanent Classrooms with Rest Rooms

Head Start Education Projects

Head Start for Education

Ann Arbor Temporary Modular Campus

4900 Sq. Ft Temporary Modular Campus

Temporary Modular Campus

55,244 sq ft Temporary Modular Campus

Modular Classroom Wing

8,500 sq ft modular classroom wing addition Exterior view of modular classroom wing
Exterior view of modular classroom wing

Charter School Phased Construction

25,000 sq ft Permanent Modular School

School Construction Swing Space

13,720 sq ft modular building swing space Exterior view of temporary classroom buildings
Exterior view of temporary classroom buildings

Montessori School

4,200 sq ft permanent modular building

Modular Classroom Addition

7,747 ft2 Modular Classroom Addition

Modular School Addition

13,104 ft2 School Addition

Cosmetology School Building

5,982 sq ft modular school building

Head Start Building

1,900sqft Permanent Building

Middle School Campus

35,000 sqft Permanent Building

Middle School Addition

20,765 sq-ft Permanent Two-Story Addition

Magnet School for the Arts

9,800 sqft Temporary Building

Jr High/ High School Campus

80,000 sqft Permanent Building

Flood Disaster Recovery

65,000 sq-ft Temporary Educational Space

Elementary School Campus

56,000 sqft Permanent Building

Alternative Education Building

4,700sqft Permanent Building

9th Grade Campus

20,200 sf. Permanent Addition